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Welcome to the Campbell House Museum

CampbellHouseRobertCampbellBuilt in 1851, the first house in the ele­gant Lucas Place neigh­bor­hood, the Camp­bell House was the home of renowned fur trader and entre­pre­neur Robert Camp­bell and his fam­ily from 1854 until 1938. The museum con­tains hun­dreds of orig­i­nal Camp­bell pos­ses­sions includ­ing fur­ni­ture, paint­ings, cloth­ing, let­ters, car­riages and a unique set of inte­rior pho­tographs taken in the mid-1880s.

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Sept. 24, 2014: #drinkuptweetupSTL featured in St. Louis Magazine

Camp­bell House Museum and award-winning local blog Dis­tilled His­tory were fea­tured in St. Louis Mag­a­zine in advance of their mas­sively suc­cess­ful #drinkuptwee­t­up­STL event in Sep­tem­ber. Click here to read the arti­cle and learn more about Dis­tilled History’s author and the his­tory of CHM.

Oct. 2, 2014: CHM featured on FREECRAIC.COM

We were pleased to wel­come Mike Dana­hey through the House last week­end dur­ing his trip to explore St. Louis’ strong Irish her­itage. Our favorite line? “Fur was like the iPhone of its day — but warmer.” Click here to read the arti­cle. 

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Even though St. Louis fell short of the World Series this year, the fact that our friends in Kansas City are doing so well brings an inter­est­ing ques­tion to light… would Robert Camp­bell have been (GASP!) a Roy­als fan?

Even though Robert lived the major­ity of his adult life in the city of St. Louis, he has sig­nif­i­cant ties to the KC area. Mr. Camp­bell began invest­ing in real estate shortly after he retired from the fur trade in the late 1830s. Most of his prop­erty was scat­tered through­out the St. Louis area, rang­ing from his family’s Lucas Place home at what is today 1508 Locust Street down­town all the way out to a plot of land that would even­tu­ally become Creve Coeur Park. But a lesser-known fact about our buddy Rob is that he also played a cru­cially impor­tant role in estab­lish­ing what is today the bustling metrop­o­lis of Kansas City, Missouri.

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Admis­sion and a guided tour is $8 per per­son, chil­dren 12 and under are free (group rates avail­able). Tours usu­ally last between 45 and 60 min­utes, the last tour each day begins at 3:30 p.m. Camp­bell House is open by appoint­ment only on Mon­days and Tuesdays.

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Free park­ing is avail­able on the YMCA lot adja­cent to the Museum, please see atten­dant BEFORE park­ing. Addi­tional Park­ing is avail­able adja­cent to the Museum at pub­lic park­ing meters ($1 for 60 min­utes) on both Locust and 15th streets. The meters are free on Sun­day.



Camp­bell House is located at the south­west cor­ner of 15th and Locust streets in down­town St. Louis, between the YMCA and the St. Louis Pub­lic Library.

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