This Week in History: August 18–24

Rich­mond 21st Augt. 1825

My Dear Robert
On Fri­day last I had the pleasure
Of yours dat­ed 27th ult cov­er­ing two unit­ed states
Bank notes of One Hun­dred dolls each.  For the remittance
I sin­cere­ly thank you   As you observe I do not want money,
But the receipt of this sum, accom­pa­nied by a very handsome
Let­ter in which sen­ti­ments of the high­est order are expressed
Has done me more good than twice the amount under
Any oth­er cir­cum­stances — even if in poverty.
Since date of my last, I had a let­ter from Andrew by
Me from Anne, under date of 2nd June. I had also a large
Pack­age of Irish N.papers by a lat­er con­veyance. The news
From both sources is pleas­ing yet scarce­ly worth recapitulating
Anne’s health was del­i­cate but not dan­ger­ous. She had
Advised with Doc­tors Cald­well Rogan & oth­ers and hopes were
Enter­tained of her recov­ery. Hamil­ton & Margery had returned
To Ire­land. Andrews two lit­tle chil­dren were quite promising
The ten­ants were reg­u­lar­ly pray­ing up to Andw. McFarland
I shall short­ly send one or two papers by mail yet I
Feasr that will scarce find their way to St. Louis

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In expla­na­tion of what was for­mer­ly men­tioned respect­ing the
Affairs of moth­er I ought to have observed that all the old tenants
Were mere­ly con­firmed in the pos­ses­sion of their sev­er­al holdings
Leav­ing orders with Andy & Moth­er to rent off (after Nov. Last)
All the farm for­mer­ly occu­pied by moth­er except the stoney
Park, the park below the house, the lit­tle mead­ow Hous­es gardens
Etc. etc. I had sup­posed that these with priv­i­lege of the
Moun­tain would have sup­port­ed them gen­teel­ly & comfortably
And that the remain­der would bring upwards of 20 d per arm
& at the same time dis­en­cum­ber the, of a use­less burthen
This was not done, of if so I am not yet advised of it. It
Was my wish that you should point out this prop­er­ty of
Doing so, when writ­ing them
I wrote James Reed about a week ago — since when
I have been informed that Bob (N one of uncle Johns Steves)
Died very sud­den­ly. They are much depressed in consequence
Say ton him that I most hearti­ly con­grat­u­late him — not
On his mar­riage — but on his res­o­lu­tion to become on of
Hymens votaries. His silence is now account­ed for and
Read­i­ly excused.
IN the course of a day or two you shall have the
“Rich­mond con­sti­tu­tion­al Whig” a semi week­ly paper published
by Gov. Pleas­ants son in the city. Why not tell me what paper,
or what descrip­tion of paper you wished for?  If N. York
Phi­la­da. or Boston papers will suit you bet­ter you shall

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them. The “Whig” is a respectable lit­er­ary & political
mis­cel­lany and prefer­able to the Enquir­er inas­much as there
are few­er dis­ser­ta­tions on state rights in the for­mer. I shall
sub­scribe for the short­est pos­si­ble time — If you like it to be
con­tin­ued — if not it can be stoped any any oth­er you prefer
sent you in communication
Both my par­ents are now in N. York. Your
old acquain­tances Mis­sr D. Kyle (Mil­ton) & Kerr and here on their
way North­ward. This morn­ing John Kyle of Mil­ton was
shipped to N. York with instruc­tions to have him thence
trans­shipped to some dis­tant part of the world. His
father is near­ly heart bro­ken in con­se­quence of [miss­ing]
his mis­con­duct & dis­obe­di­ence.”  Sic tran­sit Glo­ria mun­di [miss­ing]
In a for­mer let­ter I told you of having
Sent home 50 pounds ster­ling to moth­er Anne & Andy
I have not yet heard of the receipt. It was forwarded
Ear­ly or about the mid­dle of June
God bless you!
Hugh Campbell

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Mr. Robert Capbell
At Miss­er O Fal­lon & Keytes
St. Louis

Hugh Camp­bell
August 21st