New Blog Schedule

View of the Gaze­bo in today’s rain.

Howdy to all you love­ly peo­ple in the blo­gos­phere! Start­ing this Fri­day (tomor­row, that is), we’re kick­ing off a new blog sched­ule with a broad range of con­tent that will pique the inter­est of just about any­body. We’ve come up with some top­ics that are going to rotate every two weeks, so here’s the lineup:

Week 1
Mon­day Update
News, events, research and oth­er behind-the-scenes peeks of what’s going on around the house. What could pos­si­bly be hap­pen­ing, you may ask? Loads. We (thank­ful­ly) get long-lost Camp­bell pieces returned to us on a fair­ly reg­u­lar basis, mys­tery mail addressed to Camp­bell fam­i­ly mem­bers comes in the door, 50-cent pieces appear on our front steps, researchers dig up new and excit­ing tid­bits about the Camp­bells and/or St. Louis,  new exhibits, crazy main­te­nance projects, or we could be haul­ing some arti­facts out of stor­age. In short: There’s always some­thing new and excit­ing hap­pen­ing around here, and Mon­day is the day for you to catch up on all of it.

Wednes­day: Camp­bell Cuisine
This house has a long and dis­tin­guished his­to­ry of food and enter­tain­ing, and we’re going to share some of Vir­gini­a’s recipes, Vic­to­ri­an din­ing tra­di­tions, and ways we can bridge the gap between the Camp­bells’ 1850s and the mod­ern day through food, eco-friend­ly prac­tices and farm-(and garden)-to-table dining.

The Car­riage House from the Gazebo.

Pho­to Friday
A com­pi­la­tion of images that had been tak­en of the muse­um’s activ­i­ties over the course of the week. A pho­to diary, if you will.

Week 2
Tues­days for Tots
This house is a trea­sure trove of doc­u­ments, sto­ries and objects, all of which revolve around an influ­en­tial and well-con­nect­ed fam­i­ly. Every two weeks, we’ll make a post that is relat­ed to the Camp­bells, the Civ­il War, St. Louis his­to­ry, archi­tec­ture & design, immi­gra­tion, the fur trade, or one of the many top­ics we cov­er on your vis­it to the muse­um, and the con­tent will be spe­cial­ly geared to chil­dren with a short les­son and activ­i­ty. This is our way of pro­vid­ing a resource for par­ents, teach­ers and care­givers, while at the same time stay­ing in touch with some of our favorite lit­tle guests to the house.

Thurs­day: Camp­bell Contemporaries
St. Louis is a vibrant, excit­ing city, and we could­n’t be hap­pi­er Robert Camp­bell set­tled here and was such an advo­cate for the growth and devel­op­ment of it. There’s always some­thing worth­while hap­pen­ing in the met­ro­pol­i­tan area, and in this space we’ll give you staff rec­om­men­da­tions of what you should­n’t miss over the week­end. New exhib­it? Con­cert? Fes­ti­val? We’re enthu­si­as­tic sup­port­ers of our fair city, and we’ll point you in the right direc­tion. Trust me.

Thoughts? Sug­ges­tions? Some­thing you want to see on our blog? Leave a com­ment here or email post haste. Thanks for read­ing, and don’t for­get to check back ear­ly and often.

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