Meet the Interns » Kate


In our last — but cer­tain­ly not least — install­ment of this sum­mer’s “Meet the Interns,” we’d like to intro­duce you to Kate. She’s been research­ing men­tal ill­ness dur­ing the Vic­to­ri­an era and how it relat­ed to our Hazlett, and she’s proven to be a star at giv­ing tours to our guests. We’re going to miss her when she goes to Rus­sia in a few weeks. *sniff*

What are you study­ing and where?
Art His­to­ry at Vas­sar Col­lege.

Why Camp­bell House?
Intern­ing at Camp­bell House allows me to pur­sue my inter­ests in his­to­ry and art while gain­ing muse­um expe­ri­ence. I real­ly liked that the muse­um was small so I can vol­un­teer in many dif­fer­ent areas and real­ly get to know the staff and the col­lec­tion as a whole.

What are you going to work on at CHM over the summer?
Most­ly I’m giv­ing tours and doing inven­to­ry, but I’m also going to do a research project to dis­cov­er who exact­ly took the pho­tos of Camp­bell House.

When you aren’t slav­ing away at Camp­bell House, what are you doing?
I like to read quite a bit, and watch tv (my favorite shows are Psych and Mod­ern Fam­i­ly). I’ll be going to St. Peters­burg, Rus­sia for my junior year abroad in the fall, so I’m def­i­nite­ly study­ing Russ­ian in my free time!

Kate real­ly uses this. Every. Day. #cutestlunch­box­ev­er

What’s your favorite thing about Camp­bell House so far?
House muse­ums are par­tic­u­lar­ly fas­ci­nat­ing because they place the objects in their orig­i­nal or a sim­i­lar con­text, and I love that about Camp­bell House in gen­er­al, espe­cial­ly because so many of the objects did belong to the fam­i­ly. But if I had to pick my favorite piece it might be the “mus­tache cup”, which is a tea cup with a lit­tle shelf inside to pro­tect your mus­tache while you drink tea (it’s in the parlor)!

PC or Mac?

Lit­tle known fact about me:
I adore Dijon mus­tard and put it on every­thing from meat to car­rots to just plain bread (some­times I even eat it plain).