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New online collection database

You can see all my stuff on the inter­webs now.

Just like your house, our house is filled with lots of stuff. We have fur­ni­ture, let­ters, paint­ings, cham­ber pots and thou­sands of oth­er ran­dom house­hold objects.  (Sound famil­iar? Except for the cham­ber pots, of course.)  To keep every­thing in order, we have a soft­ware pack­age that inven­to­ries all of the objects and doc­u­ments in the Muse­um. After months of work and a gen­er­ous grant from the Employ­ee Com­mu­ni­ty Fund of Boe­ing St. Louis, our col­lec­tions are now online and acces­si­ble by all.

Here’s the link: http://campbellhouse.pastperfect-online.com/34842cgi/mweb.exe?request=ks

Links from our Home page and Research page will be up shortly.

The will of Robert’s broth­er, Hugh Campbell.

What does this sort of access mean to you? Loads. Say you’re doing research on Ire­land, click on “Key­word Search” and the sys­tem will find every­thing we have on Ire­land. For this search, we have 99 let­ters, 5 pho­tos and two per­son records. Many of the let­ters have images attached so you can see the orig­i­nal doc­u­ment, like the one to the left.

You can call up records by sub­ject, name, artist, city of ori­gin, etc. Don’t know what a litho­phane is? Find out here.

Need a first-per­son account of the fur trade? The ear­ly days of St. Louis? Irish immi­gra­tion? Love let­ters? The Civ­il War? It’s all right here.

Explore the site, and we hope you like (and can use) what you see.