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This Week in History: October 25

An excerpt Hugh Camp­bel­l’s will.  This is Robert’s broth­er,  not son.  (Stay tuned for more on Hugh.  We’re going to seri­al­ize his fas­ci­nat­ing immi­gra­tion jour­nal begin­ning this Fri­day.  It’s such a good sto­ry, you’ll think it’s fiction.)


I, Hugh Camp­bell of the city of St. Louis and State of Mis­souri being of sound and dis­pos­ing mind do make this my last will and tes­ta­ment here­by revok­ing all oth­er hereto­fore made by me.

First I direct that out of my estate my just debts and funer­al expens­es shall be first paid and that my mor­tal remains shall be buried in a lot at Belle­fontaine Ceme­tery which I pur­chased from Mr. Patrick.  My beloved wife Mary select­ed this lot and when it shall please God to call her hence, she will prob­a­bly be buried beside me.  We have spent over forty five years of hap­py mar­ried life and may we be unit­ed in the grave.

Sec­ond I give and bequeath to my broth­er Robert Camp­bell my gold watch and chain togeth­er with any of my per­son­al effects (as memen­tos) that he may choose togeth­er with six­ty vol­umes from my library includ­ing the New Amer­i­can Ency­clo­pe­dia such as he may select.

Third I give and bequeath all the residue of my estate and prop­er­ty, real, per­son­al and mixed, which I may leave at the time of my death to my beloved wife Mary Camp­bell.  To Have and To Hold the same unto the said Mary Camp­bell to her heirs, execu­tors & assigns forever ————