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Save our [Gl]Ass™ update: A week later

New clear glass being installed on our front door.

You are amazing.

Thanks to your gen­eros­i­ty, we’ve raised over $2,000 to help fix our acid-etched front door win­dow after it was bro­ken by bur­glars. We put out a fundrais­ing plea here, on Face­book and Twit­ter, and you came through in spades. You saved the day, and we can’t con­vey how much you helped us relieve the finan­cial stress the unex­pect­ed expense would have caused.  We are for­ev­er indebt­ed to you for your sup­port. (Real­ly.)

In the mean­time, this is what has hap­pened since last Mon­day night’s break-in:

  • We have glass. Not a replace­ment of the fan­cy etched kind (yet), but Art Glass Unlim­it­ed stopped by and removed the ugly piece of wood that cov­ered the hole, and we have a very nice crys­tal-clear pane of glass in its place. We look like we’re open for busi­ness, and not like a board­ed-up demo­li­tion zone anymore.
  • A secu­ri­ty con­sul­tant came by, and with his sug­ges­tions we’ve beefed up our already-robust secu­ri­ty sys­tem (*ahem* video cam­eras *ahem*) and we’ve changed some of our admin­is­tra­tive process­es and mon­ey-han­dling pro­ce­dures. Camp­bell House is now a small — but impec­ca­bly dec­o­rat­ed! — ver­sion of Fort Knox.
  • A series of glass pro­fes­sion­als came out to take a look at the bro­ken win­dow and its (thank­ful­ly) undam­aged twin. This has been a learn­ing process for us. We’ve been schooled on the dif­fer­ences between acid- and sand-etch­ing, and we now know the intri­cate pat­tern on the glass was acid-etched, and that process is rarely used any­more.  (Rare = expen­sive) We’re putting our col­lec­tive heads togeth­er to find a high-qual­i­ty yet cost-effec­tive solu­tion to recre­ate the pat­tern on new glass. We will select a work­shop by the end of the month.

That’s all to report now, but we’ll be sure to keep you post­ed on new glass devel­op­ments as they arise, and thanks again for sup­port­ing us!