Walking West With Robert Campbell

Mod­ern Day Cache Val­ley, Utah.

Wel­come to our jour­ney! In hon­or of the new exhib­it “Robert Camp­bell and the Fur Trade” Camp­bell House vol­un­teers and friends will be retrac­ing the steps of Robert Camp­bel­l’s first jour­ney West. We will work as a group to reach 1,804 miles; rough­ly the equiv­a­lent of what Robert would have under­tak­en on his jour­ney towards Cache Val­ley begin­ning in 1825. 

There will be many “stops” along the way. When we reach a stop you will receive an email and one of the links below will become acti­vat­ed. It will be filled with excerpts from Robert’s 1870 “Nar­ra­tive” about what he saw, and who he met along the way. When we reach Cache Val­ley there will be a cel­e­bra­tion with prizes for the par­tic­i­pant who logs the most miles over­all, and the most miles in a sin­gle week.

Email your mileage to michael@campbellhousemuseum.org each Sun­day with “Walk­ing West” in the sub­ject line. We will send out to you peri­od­ic reminders to send in your miles. 

Down­load the mileage track­er or the announce­ment fly­er below:

Current Mileage: 193 

Mile 0- Cote Brilliante

Mile 156- Jef­fer­son City

Mile 401- Stop 3

Mile 488- Stop 4

Mile 568- Stop 5

Mile 697- Stop 6

Mile 815- Stop 7

Mile 975- Stop 8

Mile 1106- Stop 9

Mile 1129- Stop 10

Mile 1309- Stop 11

Mile 1390- Stop 12

Mile 1515- Stop 13

Mile 1655-  Stop 14

Mile 1,804- Cache Val­ley, Utah (Mod­ern Day)