This Week in History: January 2

Jeff City Jan­u­ary 6th 1849

My Dear Virginia

I last evening received your wel­come and inter­est­ing let­ter with your list of vis­i­tors and what was still more accept­able the lock of hair of our dear lit­tle Hugh which I salut­ed as you intend­ed — I hand­ed the let­ter for the perusal of Mrs. Mor­row who was much pleased.  So you see we have been dou­bly ben­e­fit­ed by your letter.

I find myself still cir­cum­stanced as when I last wrote you, that is, con­tend­ing against unprin­ci­pled politi­cians who resort to every means to accom­plish their ends — a lit­tle more than a week will let me off and I care very lit­tle what the result may be com­pared with get­ting off from here as I am hearti­ly tired of being away from home.

I room with Col. Bal­lou a mem­ber of the H of Rep and a very gen­tle­man­ly man — Dr. Forbes and myself stay in the same bed so that there are three of us in the same room.

Genl. Ster­ling Price is now here and is an active friend of mine.  T. Polk is here in oppo­si­tion to me elec­tion­eer­ing as is also Jn. H. Wat­son but I would rather have him against me than for me as he has no influ­ence nor stand­ing here that could do me injury.  I can­not tell with any greater cer­tain­ty of the result than when I last wrote you — my friends think favor­ably of my prospects and no doubt my oppo­nents feel equal­ly san­guine of their suc­cess — I nei­ther hope nor fear, but wish most anx­ious­ly to have it determined.

You must be very care­ful about the cholera altho I trust it will not vis­it us now, and espe­cial­ly whilst I am from home — some of the young men at the store or Jeff Camp will get a man to clean out the back House which had bet­ter be done dur­ing the cold freez­ing weath­er which will ren­der it less offensive.

I dine at Judge Mor­rows tomor­row and the day after is set apart for the cel­e­bra­tion of the 8th of Jany bat­tle at N. Orleans.  We are to have a grand pro­ces­sion, and ora­tions Sat.  H. Birch is to be the ora­tor and I am told he is very able so I may antic­i­pate some variety.

I have kept this open for an hour or two to see if I can get any news by mail but I will not delay longer.

I don’t yet hear of William hav­ing left for the East.

My love to all.  Kiss Jim­mie and Hugh for me.

Yours affec­tion­ate­ly,

Robert Camp­bell